About Non Skid Socks

Anyone who has spent time at the hospital or in a clinic has been handed a pair of socks with the non skid rubber bottom. I actually have a few pairs in my drawer from past hospital stays. They are quite comfortable and breathe very well. I will on occasion wear mine as house slippers as most of my house is hardwood floors and can be somewhat slippery after cleaning them.

Non Skid socks are made to be one size fits most and to be worn for extra protection against slips and falls. They come in a variety of colors and styles and they do have different sizes, such as; adult and child. The bottom is made to be wider than your average sock to allow patients with dressings on their feet the ability to still wear them with comfort. If the patient has a cast covering their foot, there are non skid socks made to fit them as well.

While in your stay at the hospital, you will be required to wear the non skid socks that were presented to you. Hospitals and clinics are required by their insurance groups to give each individual a pair so it will reduce the risk of injury to the patient.

Hospital floors are usually without carpet so they can keep the floors clean and sanitary, but this also means there is no protection for the slick floors underneath the patient walking the halls, or getting out of their bed to make the trip to the bathroom.

Non skid socks will grip the floor with their rubber bottoms and allow the patient the stability to move around freely within their room or throughout the hospital hallways without the fear of slipping and falling. If you are already in the hospital, the last thing you want is to fall creating a reason to have to prolong your stay.

If you are in the doctor’s office for an examination, the walk from one room to the next could create a problem in the socks you wore from home. By wearing the non skid socks, you are offering yourself more protection from slips and falls while giving the health care providers the peace of mind that their patients will not further injure themselves unnecessarily.

A hospital stay or even an outpatient procedure can require you to be in recover for a short time, while there you may be required to get up out of the hospital bed and walk a small distance to ensure you a quicker recovery time. You may just need to get up and go to the bathroom on your own and if you are pushing around an IV cart, the last thing you should have to worry about is slipping and falling, your concentrations should be more focused on the IV.

You may find that the socks are a little silly looking, or the color is just to bland or maybe even to bold but once you wear them and get used to the feel, there is a good possibility that you will take yours home and find a use for them on another day.

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