About Hospital Towels

The hospital towel although small and sometimes not very thick, still seems to be very absorbent and surprisingly enough it is sufficient to dry us. Although hospitals are now providing the patient with more luxury towels, the standard is still the same in most. From the wash cloth, to the hand towel, to the bath towel we all get the same, a little too small, a little too thin towel to dry off with.

The idea behind the hospital towel is that it is durable and can with stand the heat and the bleaching from repeated washing and still hold together and serve to dry the next patient just as well as it had the last. The towels are small enough to wash large loads at once and they dry very quickly, there is no need for ironing or folding right away as the materials are usually non wrinkling.

The towels need to be crisp and fresh and appear to have never been used to the patient even though they may have been washed a few dozen times already. The hospital takes pride in presenting a clean, sanitary environment for us each time we visit.

The cost on the towels is very affordable and the hospital can keep a large supply on hand so as not to run out on even the busiest of days. The hospitals that have upgraded their towels to a more plush, thick towel may have better feedback from their patients in this regard but there is more time in keeping them ready for use.

The more plush towels cannot be washed in very large loads and sometimes the high heat does not affect them very well, along with the fact that they will need to be folded or pressed right out of the dryer, this will keep the staff busy and sometimes could become overwhelming in a large or a busy hospital, creating a backlog of work and the patient dripping in the shower waiting on a clean towel.

The basic towel has been used for decades and is sufficient for the patient’s needs, along with the fact that they are easy to care for and long lasting it can save the hospital thousands of dollars a year in workers time alone. So before you stick you nose up at the towel that seems to only cover portions of you at a time and may seem to thin to dry you adequately, keep in mind that it is saving you money by allowing the hospital to save in their overhead costs and this is returned to you.

The cost of running a hospital is phenomenal and for most of us we can not even imagine the stress of the day to day duties of the staff. It may seem to be a simple thing, just a towel, but with that simple basic towel you are getting better service, cheaper cost, and the hospital is more productive, more efficient, and runs smoothly allowing your stay to be as pleasant as possible.


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