About Exam Gowns

Exam gowns can make some us cringe, thinking of the uncomfortable visit to the office, sitting there in our paper gown with our rears hanging out waiting on the doctor. Once the doctor arrives in the room, the wait is over but not the discomfort. When asked to lye down or scoot on the table it is virtually impossible to keep all your areas covered with the too small flimsy gown that you have been give.

We all understand that the idea of the exam gown is to make it easy for the doctor to exam a particular area of out bodies with out having to work around our normal clothes, but that does not mean that we have to like it.

Some offices offer cloth gowns that tie in the back, that of the hospital gown we all have worn a time or too. These gowns offer a better way to keep your modesty in tact but sometimes hinder the doctor from doing his job, the gown is not well suited to the exam at hand, say if you are at the gynecological office and you are receiving your yearly examination, the nurse comes in and hands you the gown to put on, you have to remove every stitch of clothing and tie this around you, your normal response is to wrap it tight enough to reach the ties and cover every thing you possibly can. When the doctor arrives he asks you to scoot to the bottom of the table and put your feet in the stirrups, when asked to relax your legs and let your knees fall…you have tied your gown so tight that now you have to pull it all the way up around your waist to allow him to do his job, and you lose a little bit of dignity in the process. The doctor will also need to do a breast exam and with the tie in the back, it will have to be undone and opened all the way or pulled up and at this point you are totally exposed and what dignity you had left is now gone.

The more sophisticated women’s clinics and offices have started keeping a supply of cloth gowns that tie in the front, making it so much easier for the doctor to do their job and the patient leaves the office still feeling dignified. When giving the breast exam the robe can be opened one side at a time exposing only the breast that is being examined.

The front opening robes are being used for mammograms as well, making it easier for the patient to go through the examination without exposing more than necessary. They have started using capes in some of the offices that are quite stylish and very comfortable and virtually nothing gets exposed during the breast examination, even the exposed breast is covered by the draping material.

We all could use a little more attention to detail from our doctors and the robe is defiantly one thing that seems to have been over looked in most. By choosing the correct gown for the job at hand you can create a relaxed stress free environment for the patient and make the job easier on the health care provider.


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